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Dubai Police arrest suspect 18 hours after expat’s murder

Government 2018/07/30 at 4:00 PM

Dubai Police have arrested a Lebanese national less than 18 hours after he allegedly murdered his girlfriend, police announced on Sunday.

According to police officials, the woman was discovered dead in her apartment following a dispute with the suspect on Thursday. During the fight, the victim – identified as AA – suffered a fractured nose which caused internal bleeding and led to her death.

“The suspect attempted to clear the scene of the crime and left the apartment for his residence,” local media quoted Dubai Police security media director Lieutenant-Colonel Faisal Issa Al Qasim as saying.

“One of the victim’s colleagues contacted her after she was absent from work,” he added. “The colleague headed to AA’s apartment to find the door open and found all items scattered over the place and her friend dead.”

Within 18 hours of the crime being reported to Dubai Police, the suspect was arrested in another emirate in coordination with its local police force.

The suspect has reportedly confessed to the crime, saying it happened unintentionally while he was under the influence of alcohol.

In an interview with Lebanon’s Al Jadeed TV station, Chehab Nabih Dandan, Lebanon’s ambassador to the UAE, said that “the embassy is closely following up the case and there is considerable cooperation with Dubai Police, as usual.”

The ambassador added that the victim’s body would be transported to Lebanon once the police investigation is over.

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