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Jameel Prize 5 announces diverse shortlist

Events 2018/02/11 at 8:30 PM

The shortlist for Jameel Prize 5 has been announced.

The prize, which carries £25,000 (Dh130,000), is a collaboration between the V&A in London and Art Jameel, headquartered in Jeddah, that recognises contemporary art and design inspired by Islamic tradition.

This year’s nominees are Kamrooz Aram, Hayv Kahraman, Hala Kaiksow, Mehdi Moutashar, Naqsh collective, Younes Rahmoun, Wardha Shabbir, and Marina Tabassum.

As in previous years the list reflects a range of creative mediums, from contemporary art and fashion design to architecture. In a statement, the V&A’s director, Tristram Hunt, said,

“This year’s outstanding shortlist displays real diversity; the judges found beauty, spirituality, complexity, humour and humanity.”

The shortlist also reflects generational diversity: The established Iraqi artist Mehdi Moutashar, who left Iraq in the 1960s, works in abstract expressionism.

His work will sit alongside that of a younger Iraqi exile, the artist Hayv Kahraman, whose work (pictured above) addresses the US occupation of Iraq and the faultlines of communication between the soldiers and the population they apparently sought to protect.


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