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Max Factor launches Middle East’s first online makeup academy

Life 2018/04/05 at 9:10 PM

Following the success of its Max Factor Makeup Academy, the cosmetics firm has launched an online counterpart to make makeup artistry more accessible across the region.

The online course is designed to reach those who are restricted by physical boundaries, making it easier for them to learn beauty and makeup skills.

The academy offers graduates a Professional Course officially recognised and accredited by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

The course includes interactive live webinars about industry trends as well as Do-It-Yourself Classes covering a wide range of topics in the beauty industry.

It aims to equip people with the skills they need to independently chart a path for themselves in the field, and ultimately encouraging the development of careers in the professional makeup industry.

“Since the launch of the offline academy, I have sincerely and passionately worked towards sharing my love for make-up with as many people as possible,” said Samira Olfat, Max Factor’s regional make-up artist, CEO and chief trainer of Max Factor Makeup Academy since 2009.

“The online academy allows me to make my expertise accessible to more aspiring professionals and exposes them to a brand that delivers high-quality products and constantly strives to innovate.”

Max Factor was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, and claims to have invented the concept of Colour Harmony and Diagnostics, which personalised make-up for women according to their skin tone, facial features and hair colour.

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Source : Arabian Business | Photo credit : Google
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