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New café and bakery Sunnyville opens up in JLT

Life 2017/11/08 at 9:00 PM

There’s good news for fans of coffee and cake in JLT, a new café has opened up.

Billed as a “cosy artisan café”, Sunnyville is now serving up drinks, snacks and more in Cluster V, JLT.

Top treats include cruffins (a cross between a croissant and muffin, of course) plus doughnuts, cakes and other sweet treats.

There are also salads and smoothies for something healthier and hearty, fresh sandwiches if you’re after a more substantial meal.

Inspired by the Australian coffee shop culture, Sunnyville boasts a “lively ambience, healthy and tasty treats,” says the team behind it.

“I want to create a neighbourhood restaurant and café with a lively and social atmosphere accompanied by delicious food served by our team,” says Andrea Grandville, head chef and operations manager of Sunnyville.

Full of cosy sofas and bright, light décor, Sunnyville is a comfy, chilled-out place to enjoy your morning coffee. See you for elevenses.

Open Sat-Thu 7am-7pm. Cluster V, JLT (800 78669).

Amy Mathieson 


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