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Ramadan likely to start on May 17

Dubai News 2018/03/18 at 1:49 PM

Ramdan is likely to start on May 17 this year, according to the Sharjah Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences.

The centre also predicted that the first day of Eid Al Fitr is likely to be on June 15, news agency WAM reported.

Ibrahim Al Jarwan, deputy director general of the Sharjah Center for Space and Astronomy, said the length of day during Ramadan in the UAE is likely to be 13 hours and 25 minutes at the start of the Holy Month, which will increase to 13 hours and 42 minutes towards the end of the 29 to 30-day period.

The temperatures during Ramadan are expected to range between 41°C and 26°C, he added.

The official starting date for Ramadan will be confirmed by the moon-sighting committee.

The end of Ramadan is when the first crescent of the new moon is sighted again and is followed by Eid Al Fitr, the Islamic holiday that marks the end of the Holy Month.


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