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Reviewed: Reel Cinemas Dubai Mall’s Platinum Suites

Culture, Life 2018/11/10 at 8:10 PM

Bill Bryson will one day (if he hasn’t already) write about how a large screen coupled with surround sound technology became the hallmark of modern-day recreation.

What he will inevitably miss out on detailing, however, is how much refinement and sophistication Reel Cinemas has managed to bring to an otherwise simple affair, without, crucially, disrupting the cinema experience.

Because the point, after all, of going to the movies, is the movie itself. And any theatre operator runs the risk of ruining that with more staff trying to offer more quality.

But the experience in the Platinum Suites is carefully curated,

meaning that you won’t notice anything disrupting that. Just like flying in a premium aircraft cabin, the seats are exceptionally plush, the food is unexpectedly divine, and the ambience purely serene.

However, the fact that all that comes at no expense to the movie is what truly sets the experience apart from the (albeit limited) number of cinema operators in the UAE.

On the menu, the sliders are an ideal theatre snack, but the beef wraps dipped in truffle sauce are our first choice.

But there are tonnes of options, so make sure you arrive early to give yourself time to choose. And don’t forget to scout the surroundings, too.

There is some aura of the golden age of cinema here, what with the lavender couches, scope lights and bar in the foyer. But the premium class style reclining seats and butler service is, hands down, our favourite of the experience.

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Source : Arabian Business | Photo credit : Google
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