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Smart Dubai launches ‘Zakat Al-Fitr’ service on Dubai Now app

Technology 2018/06/14 at 12:00 PM

Smart Dubai has launched the ‘Zakat Al Fitr’ service on its flagship Dubai Now app, in line with the Year of Zayed, allowing users to give their Zakat donation through their smart devices.

Dubai Now is an integrated platform offering 61 smart services from 28 government, semi-governmental and private entities, targeting 11 different customer segments.

The ‘Zakat Al Fitr’ service was launched in collaboration with Dar Al Ber Society.

Dr Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, director-general of the Smart Dubai Office (SDO), said:

“Today, we launch the ‘Zakat Al Fitr’ service as part of an update to the Dubai Now platform, in an effort to expand our offering to cover all aspects of people’s lives with citywide smart services that are not only limited to Dubai but can also be used around the world.”

Khalfan Khalifa Al Mazroui, chairman of Dar Al Ber Society, lauded the cooperation between Smart Dubai and the Society’s IT department to launch the ‘Zakat Al Fitr’ smart service.

Al Mazroui said:

“We seek to provide flexible smart services to spread happiness in the community, as directed by the UAE leadership and in line with the country’s policies,” he explained, calling on those eligible for Zakat to avail the new service.

The ‘Zakat Al Fitr’ service is now accessible through the Dubai Now application, which is available in the App Store and Google Play.

The platform seeks to meet the requirements of its customers by providing round-the-clock access to government services. To date, more than 734,000 customers have downloaded the application and nearly 272,000 have registered.

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Source : Gulf News | Photo credit : Google
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