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UAE federal government spending tops $13.2bn in 2017

Government 2018/05/23 at 9:15 AM

The actual spending of the UAE’s federal government reached AED 48.572 billion ($13.22 billion) in 2017, according to a new report from the Ministry of Finance.

According to the figures, spending on the ‘general public services’ sector accounted for 33.3 percent of the total expenditure, or AED 16.19 billion ($4.41 billion), while public order and safety sector spending was 21.5 percent, or AED 10.453 billion ($2.85 billion).

Collectively, the two sectors accounted for 54.8 percent of total spending.

The Ministry’s figures also show that AED 6.574 billion ($1.79 billion) went into the education sector (13.5 percent), compared to AED 3.943 billion ($1.07 billion) or 8.1 percent to the education sector and AED 3.314 billion ($902.2 million) or 6.5 percent for social protection.

Total spending on the economic affairs sector amounted to AED 1.021 billion ($277.9 million), while another AED 621 million ($169 million) was spent on the housing sector, AED 290 million ($78.9 million) on the environmental sector and AED 194 million ($52.8 million) on the recreation, culture and religion sector.

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Source : Arabian Business | Photo credit : Google
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