Home Events Wild Wadi reopens with Dhs99 offer

Wild Wadi reopens with Dhs99 offer

Wild Wadi reopens with Dhs99 offer
Events 2018/02/16 at 7:10 AM

It’s peak season for waterparks in Dubai.

We’ve got the weather, and we’ve got a few good months of perfect temperatures left before the mercury starts to bubble, so what better time is there to head out into the great outdoors and make a splash at one of the city’s best waterparks?

Wild Wadi Waterpark has been temporarily closed so that the team could make some pretty extensive upgrades and renovations.

To celebrate its return to our lives, and its grand reopening, you can now get a whole day pass (even at weekends) for the park for just Dhs99 per person. This offer is around from today (Sunday February 11) until Friday February 23, so there are two whole weekends coming up where you can have some larks in the pool.

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