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Win-or-bust for Vettel in Texas’ Hamilton showdown

Sport 2018/10/20 at 2:10 PM

Sebastian Vettel will take a win-or-bust approach to this weekend’s title showdown at the United States Grand Prix, the German driver told reporters on Thursday.

Speaking ahead of Sunday’s race in which he will make a last-ditch bid to stop Lewis Hamilton beating him to a fifth title triumph, the German said he plans to be as “aggressive” as possible.

Fellow-four-time champion Hamilton of Mercedes will take the championship if he outscores Vettel of Ferrari by eight points.

“I think it’s simple for us,” said Vettel. “We’re quite some points behind so we have to focus on winning and then see what the others are doing.

“It’s quite straightforward for us, to be honest. I always try to win and I think you have to be aggressive to win, and of course you need to find the right balance.

“You never try to do something silly or not to finish, because that way you can’t win.

“I know what it takes, I know what to do, so in that regard it’s fairly similar, but for sure we know that we need to take a bit more risk because we are not in a position to manage the gap in the championship, because we don’t have a gap.”

Looking back on recent races in the championship, he said it was clear that Mercedes had been superior.

“It’s pretty obvious, you just have to look at the points,” he said. “For us, unfortunately, some of the races didn’t go our way at all and they were able to benefit from that.”

Fangio ‘godfather’

Meanwhile, Hamilton described Juan Manuel Fangio as the ‘godfather’ of Formula One on Thursday and said it was crazy to think he could soon join the late Argentine as a five times world champion.

Fangio was, until Michael Schumacher won seven titles, the man with the most and the 1950s champion remains revered as possibly the greatest driver of all time and certainly of his deadly era.

“He’s the godfather for us, one of the greats from the beginning and will always be admired in the sport,” the Briton told reporters.

“It is crazy to think that I’m embarking on a similar number of championships that he had.”

‘Mick will race in F1’

Hamilton insisted on Thursday that he was “100 per cent certain that there will be another Schumacher in F1”, backing Mick Schumacher to follow in his legendary father Michael’s footsteps.

“Firstly, thanks to his name but also because he does a great job,” said Hamilton of 19-year-old Schumacher who wrapped up the European Formula 3 title at the weekend.

“If I have a child who wants to drive, I’m sure he can get into F1 thanks to his name even if he does not have the level,” he added.

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Source : Gulf Today | Photo credit : Google
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